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The wax of “The bees’ flight” does not have any heat treatment in its origin, it is 100% pure and with organic treatment. It comes from hives that are found in green pastures without pesticides, in La Pampa Argentina.
It is collected and sorted by hand with true love for bees.
The wax travels from the honeycomb to our table where we shape it ourselves in our kitchen.
We try hard to find the right hives, in healthy fields, with really clean flowers of pesticides, and responsible agroecological producers.

With your purchase you get 4 x Beeswax flowers candle.
Weighing to approximately 315 g ( 11 oz) approx. in total.

They do not contain extra perfumes honey scent is lovely!
Not only does it make the your room smell wonderful, but beeswax naturally purifies the air. The negative ions released by it latch on to impurities in the air, making them heavy so they drop to the ground. Your air will be fresher and cleaner.


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Our items will travel carefully packaged to you thanks to DHL.
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Processing time: between 1 – 3 Business Days at most.

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America: 2 – 7 Business Days
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During all the time that the item is flying from Argentina to your place we’ll be keeping you up to date about the shipping news, so you will not have to worry about that. Besides that, you can follow all the DHL movements with the tracking number we will provide you.

•••Why your need my phone and email?
If we do not find you on the day of delivery, you will receive a notice with the DHL contact. You can contact you DHL to arrange the schedule of the delivery.
Generaly DHL will return the next day, if it cannot be delivered again, they will contact you by phone and email.

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