THE BEES ‘FLIGHT: candles that love bees and the planet.

We are Martín and Marcela, founders of “The bees’ flight”,launched our company in 2020. Initially our wanted to create artisan products that we could use for our own home. But we also feel the need to join other small business cruelty free and agrochemicals free.
It is very important for our to support the development of bees as a vital part of life on Earth. Being aware that we are one with Gaia, our home, planet Earth.
The products had to fit within our agroecological spirit, be sustainable and be made from natural aromatic ingredients.
It was very important for our that the entire raw material process was respectful of life, both of bees and of plants and human beings.

Our candles they only use 100% natural operculum beeswax.
The wax of “The bees’ flight” does not have any heat treatment in its origin, it is 100% pure and with organic treatment. It comes from hives that are found in green pastures without pesticides, in La Pampa Argentina.
It is collected and sorted by hand with true love for bees.
Unlike argentines transgenic soy candles, this wax does not come from a plant source grown in fields that use pesticides.
The bees in “The bees’ flight” live in an environment that is respectful of the environment, animals and people.
The wax travels from the honeycomb to our table where we shape it ourselves in our kitchen.
The flowers and plants of “The bees’ flight” are also grown without pesticides, with the best conditions in Patagonia Argentina.

The flowers are harvested and sorted by hand.
From these flowers and by steam distillation, the oils used in the candles are obtained.
Our believe that less is more, which is why “The bees’ flight” candles are scented with pure, undiluted organic essential oils.
It was not enough for us to create a beautiful candle, we try hard to find the right hives, in healthy fields, with really clean flowers of pesticides, and responsible agroecological producers.

Creating simple bee candles, candles that smell like real nature, was our way of expressing our love for the bees, the planet and all the life that inhabits it.

Thank you for supporting “The bees’ flight”!